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Mix sugar and cinnamon together; gently roll beignets in mixture.
Typically, for laboratory compaction of cold mixes, holes are drilled in the molds to allow any excess fluids (solvent or waste) to escape during mix consolidation.
However, if beads of different sizes are given water-attracting coatings and a little water is added, they mix thoroughly.
Within the mixing chamber there is at least one thermocouple that allows the change of temperature of the product mix during the mixing process to be tracked or monitored.
Intensive, twin-rotor continuous mixers and long continuous mixers (LCM) precisely control mix quality in processing operations such as densifying, color concentrate compounding, pigment masterbatching, polymer alloying, and compounding with fillers, plasticizers, and foaming agents.
By contrast, the deep sea has always appeared calmer, with little tidal turbulence to mix the water.
Introducing liquids in this manner will, in most cases, allow you to keep the ram in float or down position such that there is no loss of temperature or extension of the mix time.
Mix and meter dispensing machines currently include eight external-mix systems for gel-coat and spray-up that feature company's AAC air-assist containment pattern management system.