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I discovered that you could mix down to a VHS machine and it would sound better than the first PAT machines did.
Husky announced its decision to phase out big machines last summer to focus on its core markets of beverage packaging, thinwall products, closures, medical and consumer electronics, and it shifted the Dudelange product mix down the size range to the 300-1,000 tonne machines for the European market.
This heat exchanger, is being used to cool the produce mix down from 45 to 15C at a slightly lower flow rate than the first unit supplied.
Floating forces the stones in the mix down and pulls the cement "cream" to the surface so you can trowel or broom the surface later without snagging chunks of gravel.
It took just a little tweaking, but I got the mix down that afternoon and introduced it to our list the next day.
On Tuesday February 19, participants will attend The Sage in Gateshead to take part in The Mix Down - a major showcase of skills and performances from 6.