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We finish recording and we get to mix down, which takes a while, and when we get the actual track to show people we've got seven more that we want to show people and we're pretty sick of that old song.
Reduce the mix down until it thickens then take of the heat and allow to cool slightly before tasting.
I've got about 15 tracks done and another four to mix down and sort the vocals for.
They're in the mix down there so they need the points to get over that infamous 40 point mark and we still need a couple of points to do that as well so it's a big game for us.
With the game, users can edit and make loops, add instruments, cut, chop and mix down tracks or start from scratch and crate loops on songs using the Beaterator's tools.
Roll out the pastry to a rectangle roughly 30 x 40cm, spread half the pate mix down the middle.
I discovered that you could mix down to a VHS machine and it would sound better than the first PAT machines did.