mix up

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Siri's workings are kept fairly secret so it's hard to know whether or not the pronunciation is to blame for the mix ups. For now Acyapan finds humor in is, but he may need to eventually change his number if the calls get out of hand he told The Star.
The technology - which essentially creates a chocolate outer and then adds a filling and then a base - is also used to make Munchies and After Eight Bitesize, and is now being used to make Milkybar Mix Ups, which are either white chocolate buttons with a cocoa filling or milk chocolate buttons with a milky filling.
Created in the UK at Nestle's Fawdon factory in Newcastle, which is also home to the likes ofRowntree's Fruit Pastilles,Jelly Tots,Matchmakers,MunchiesandCaramac, the new Milkybar Mix Ups will be produced on the same production line as Rolos.