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Thanks to our long-term and continuous development of our distribution chain, we have, for example, been able to significantly reduce the number of product mix-ups at stations over the past ten years.
Amphoteric in B, a systemic antifungal medication, is not commonly used, and health care practitioners may be unfamiliar with its various formulations and the potential consequences of mix-ups among them.
In an effort to prevent a similar mix-up from recurring, the pharmacy now places only one vial of non-lipid amphotericin B (Fungizone[R]) in each ADC in the ICU--a maximum of 100 mg or two vials in total.
Fatal Mistake: Oxygen Tank Mix-Up Blamed in Deaths of Ohio Nursing Home Residents
To determine how often specimen mix-up occurs in the core laboratory of Helsinki University Central Hospital, we developed a simple but accurate method to estimate the frequency of specimen mix-up and to test the method in practice.
Councillor Kevin Murphy said mix-ups were stripping voters of their rights.
Also, a new test may make it possible to assess DNA mix-ups in large groups of people.
While the rest of you will have been luxuriating in the agony of Boro's Euro game last week, spare a thought for me and my ten-pence mix-ups.
The previous mix-ups have happened in the last two and a half years, but never before with such tragic consequences.