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Even so, the difference between the solubility parameters of the different polymers in blends is an indication of the mixability or miscibility of the two rubbers.
Cognac's complex and multilayered taste profile and its mixability in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks has allowed this spirit to transcend seasons and occasions," Bushell adds.
The light and flavored end of its mm portfolio offers recipes via social media to emphasize mixability.
The expression's mixability has made it the best-seller in the portfolio, driven by consumption in cocktails.
The cocktail boom has also contributed to Captain Morgan's success, "since it's known for high quality and mixability," Kleinman says.
Consumer education and sampling have also been important factors in the brand's growth and the key is to communicate simple mixability.
Mixability - and how this could be one path toward broader acceptance
Mixability is important, but a good vodka shouldn't be undrinkable straight.
Canadian Whisky's lighter flavor profile and high mixability offer a distinctly different experience compared to Bourbon, Scotch or Irish," says Richards at Sazerac.
But as more premium vodkas enter the market and become known for nuanced taste profiles rather than neutral mixability, it will be important to be able to distinguish the key characteristics of the different types.
Mixability is also a key theme across the brand's consumer programme, which links product mixing with music via a nationwide Tia Maria `Mixer night' tour.
DEWAR'S unique marrying process produces a smooth, rich texture, versatile and distinctive taste, giving it perfect mixability to create an extraordinary array of merry-making cocktails.