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From UV Blue Raspberry, naturally flavored with vine-ripened raspberries, to UV Sriracha, incorporating today's hottest ingredient trend, UV Vodka offers a line-up of smooth, approachable vodkas that are easily mixable in cocktails or poured over ice for a simple yet enjoyable drink.
While traditionally seen as a sipping beverage and a luxurious, aspirational spirit, Cognac has made inroads at the VS end by developing interest in the less expensive age expression as mixable, says Agnes Aubin, marketing director of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac, the agency that represents Cognac producers internationally.
Though he sees shochu as highly mixable, Stratigos strives to honor the purity and subtle differences among brands, while positioning the spirit as approachable to guests.
We wanted a blend that would be mixable as a cocktail that could also be consumed neat with ice," she said.
Maxxium UK has invested 4m [pounds sterling] in repositioning its Sourz shots range as a more sophisticated, mixable spirit.
three mixable shades come in one compact so you can blend to find the right colour to match your skin.
What happened is that a lot of gins started trying to compete and be like vodka, as opposed to being proud of what gin was about, which is great depth of flavour and richness, whereas vodka is distilled to be the ideal mixable spirit.
La Caravedo is a versatile, mixable and a unique addition to any cocktail.
Tenders are invited for hand mixable, non rusting steel-reinforced epoxy putty stick of approx.
6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BULLDOG London Dry Gin , deemed 'the world's most mixable gin,' has signed with ILLVA SARONNO S.
The category has suffered as a result of its image as a cheap shot drink but really it is a modern, mixable white spirit.