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However, the whisky boasts a number of advantages--it's easy-going, mellow-smooth, mixable and has rye on its side.
I generally stay away from extreme flavors--the candy and cookies--and stick to more mixable flavors," Rodgers says.
We wanted a blend that would be mixable as a cocktail that could also be consumed neat with ice," she said.
three mixable shades come in one compact so you can blend to find the right colour to match your skin.
Epoxy paint is mixable to any color, but the best all-around color is pre-mixed light gray.
Chocolate royale is available in ready-to-drink cans, as is a water mixable version in single-serve packets.
Tenders are invited for Hand Mixable, Non Rusting Steel-Reinforced Epoxy Putty That Quickly Repairs Or Rebuilds Anything Made Of Steel
The other version is made from molasses in a continuous distillation process, distilled many times, yielding a mostly tasteless and mixable vodka-like spirit.
Specialists are working to get the word out about all the great varieties, from aged sipping rums and mixable white to spiced and flavored rums.