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MIXED. To join; to mingle. A compound made of several simples is said to be something mixed.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The presence of B and B + C mixed infections and the absence of genotype A are notably the newer findings from this region.
Samples were categorized as mixed infections when PCR resulted in more than one band of different sizes or when the sum of all the restriction fragments of a PCR product was more than the size of the uncut PCR band (7).
Mean white cell count in Falciparum group was 6.3 X109/l, in Vivax group 5.3 X109/l and in mixed infection cases it was 4.87 X109/l.
Malaria was diagnosed by conventional microscopy on thick and thin smears and by Rapid diagnostic kit (as available in the Institute) manufactured by SD Bio standard diagnostics Malaria Antigen Pan Bio Line for diagnosing Pf, Pv and mixed infections. Platelet counts were carried out by 3-part cell counter (Abacus Model Sr.No.
There is a need to put emphasis on awareness of mixed infection among clinical microbiologists and general practitioners.
Of the 24 clinical specimens with discordant results, mixed infection of multiple genotypes were detected by multiplex nested PCR (gB 1 + gB3 - 21; gB1 + gB2 - 2; gB1 +gB2 + gB3 - 1) whereas only single genotypes were identified by PCR- based RFLP (gB1 - 10; gB2 - 2; gB 3- 12).
vivax infection, followed by 17 (25%) mixed infection (both P.
Mixed infection with wild-type and spike mutant viruses was confirmed in the majority of the tertiary case-patients infected by P014 by targeted deep sequencing, and the intrapatient heterogeneity of MERS-CoVs was the highest in superspreader specimens (11).
She was suspected of having a mixed infection with Actinomyces species based on the pathological findings.
Our results have shown different SVR values for particular genotypes which was as follows: 3a in 79.4%, 3b in 56%, 3a+3b mixed infection 29%, 1a 33%, 1b in 37.3% and 1a+1b mixed infection 24.9% patients (Fig.
A higher percentage of farms were infected with infectious bronchitis (50.85%) followed by Newcastle disease (32.2%) and mixed infection (16.95%).
Overall, 43.74% of the positive samples had mixed infection. The predominant nematode species identified included Trichostrongylous axei (19.81%), Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (13.62%), Strongylous spp.(11.14%), Parascaris equorum (7.57%), Cyathostoma spp.