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MIXED. To join; to mingle. A compound made of several simples is said to be something mixed.

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Both Southern and qPCR analyses confirmed that number of TYLCV-OM virus copies or titer increased upon a mixed infection, and thus indicate that the TYLCV-OM Rad-1 and the ChLCV-OM Rad-2 have a synergistic interaction.
Animal with single or mixed infections by agents of tick fever did not show differences on urea levels in milk (p>0.
The finding of mixed infections have previously been reported (2,3).
Topical application of potassium iodide was effective for reversing 'wooden tongue' condition while antibiotic therapy with Oxytetracycline was effective against bacterial infection as well as in mixed infection.
vivax malaria and severe mixed infection malaria have neither used strictly defined WHO criteria nor ruled out associated comorbid conditions.
falciparum and mixed infection, it is a valuable adjunct for rapid emergency diagnosis, especially in areas where no skilled microscopist is available.
Mixed infections did, however, predominate in liquid samples (71.
It leads to wide-spread mixed infection, with development of pathology not directly related to cytopathic effect of the causative agent.
They identified features in the genomes that appear to have made it easier for certain MRSA to acquire resistances in mixed infection.
Mixed infection to BYMV+TSWV was detected in 107 samples, BYMV+BCMV in 75, BYMV+CMV in 31, TSWV+BCMV in 34, TSWV+CMV in 13, BCMV+CMV in 15, BYMV+TSWV+BCMV in 13, BYMV+TSWV+CMV in 5, BYMV+BCMV+TSWV in 0 and TSWV+BCMV+CMV in 7 samples.