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The mixed metaphor of the editorial process and qualitative research can and will become a matter of common parlance.
The ripple effects of it (if you'll bear with a mixed metaphor for a moment) still continue, and they touch the past, the present, and the future.
In a graphic mixed metaphor, this factor wields a key, whose swings topple the first in a line of dominoes.
Tom Scotney: Mixed metaphor of the day by Ed Vaizey - defining public service broadcasting is ike trying to catch a very slippery fish.
We cannot leave Cheltenham without an honourable mention of the most magnificently mixed metaphor of the meeting.
Here, the Attorney General is - to borrow the best mixed metaphor I ever heard on the BBC last week - 'gazing over the precipice of a runaway train'.
Goodness knows what that master of the mixed metaphor Samuel Goldwyn would make of it all.
Take one of the bus tours designed specifically to lure fans of the book - or rather The Book, as they call it here - and you'll hear a guide declare, in a wonderfully mixed metaphor, how Berendt has ``blown the lid off the underbelly'' of the city's secret histories.
Credit: The amusing multiple mixed metaphor that serves as the title of this article was found here.
The internal memorandum he sent to another British squad in which he made jokes about 'boobs' and the mixed metaphor laden garbage he spouted at press conferences meant Collins should never have been appointed.
HA quality mixed metaphor from Chris Kamara on Monday evening.
May Day is built on contrasting images of boundless fertility and perpetual virginity, which is just the mixed metaphor Doris Day brings to mind.