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The mixed metaphor of the editorial process and qualitative research can and will become a matter of common parlance.
What the Tories need now more than anything else is a battering ram topped up - in the wonderful world of the mixed metaphor - with an abundance of grey matter.
A local newspaper selected a politician's comment as a pullquote and created the best surf 'n turf mixed metaphor of the season.
There is a need, among good writers, to strike the florid phrase, to unscramble the mixed metaphor, to make sure the argument stands up to examination.
To use a mixed metaphor, men must be cleaner than Caesar's wife in dealing with women in the workplace, for frivolous harassment charges lurk behind every office door.
Credit: The amusing multiple mixed metaphor that serves as the title of this article was found here.
It's either a mixed metaphor or trains passing by above the well have some crazy, down-pointing lights.
To finish on a classic mixed metaphor that a football commentator would be proud of - when the tide goes out, it's no time to stick your head in the sand.
You are not a flower on the wall, waiting to be picked and, pardon my mixed metaphor, but you deserve better than being treated like a yo-yo.
Here, the Attorney General is ( to borrow the best mixed metaphor I ever heard on the BBC last week ( 'gazing over the precipice of a runaway train'.
Murphy explained ( in mixed metaphor ( how McCoy and his horse helped to bring the best out of each other.
whichever mixed metaphor you care to choose, I've decided to find out what a few other people think.