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MIXED. To join; to mingle. A compound made of several simples is said to be something mixed.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This establishes Janie's hybrid genetic ethnicity, her "mixedness" that helps define her cultural identity.
Although the concept of racial and ethnic mixing and mixedness has tended to invoke particular assumptions in Britain about family patterns and experiences (ie black absent father, white isolated mother, marginalised and confused mixed-race child), the lived realities of those mixing or of mixed race and ethnicity are--and have long been--much more diverse and complex than commonly perceived (Caballero, 2012).
The Historical "Mixedness" of South African Constitutional Law
Taking being as the reliable and unchangeable essence of things which, because of its mixedness with matter, appears to us in life always in an inauthentic state of movement, the Greeks understood thinking to be a kind of reflective turn back to the immovable state of being, in the conviction that the real essence of things can be glimpsed by the mind in the elusive transitions between movement and rest.
Habiba Ibrahim looks at the mass-media construction of Tiger Woods as a multiracial individual, looking in particular at Woods' 1997 interview with Oprah Winfrey as an example of a potentially constructive dialogue between ideas of blackness and mixedness that was foreclosed on the program.
(283.) See Reid, supra note 103, at 21-25 (stating specific criteria of mixed jurisdictions to include one of three "levels of mixedness" (either methodology, codification, or private law), disparate components, and component recognition).
Chapter 6 covers what they call "hybridizing texts," works that welcome "the mixedness and the disorientation that is central to Othering," but Harding and Martin are careful to distinguish their use of the term (104).
The evolutionary reduction in mixedness occurs independently in two clades: once inside the family Araneidae and again inside the clade subtending Tetragnathidae and Theridiidae.
Indeed, the generic mixedness of Aurora Leigh has often been noted also by those critics who read the poem as revisionist sage discourse, for the fusion of epic, narrative, lyric, social novel, poem, spiritual autobiography, manifesto, and other literary forms decisively undercuts any possibility of a single, prophetic voice dominating the text.
The penultimate couplet offers maximal nostalgia, yet the poem's conclusion capitalizes again on the cultural mixedness of Ali's own name.
A look at foreignness in general suggests a drive to create a different breed of patriotism, one which admits a mixedness and one which distinguishes itself with increasing urgency from jingoism.
Electrical Conductivity of a Graphite Based Composite as Affected by the Degree of Mixedness of Graphite in the Elastomeric Matrix