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After all, who wants to stop the mixing process because a PC went down?
High- and low-pressure RTM metering/ mixing equipment and clamps, RIM and large LD-SRIM systems.
By considering the geometrical behavior of these wedges without going into the details of particle motion, Ottino and his coworkers found they could make useful predictions about granular mixing.
For example, mixing flour and water requires varying work effort, depending on whether there is more flour or water in the mix.
It is important that generated corrosive gases he quickly and safely removed from the mixing machinery.
High-shear and low-shear, batch or continuous centrifugal mixers/dispersers for liquid/solid systems are based on proprietary mixing elements on a rotating shaft.
The progressive reduction in size of the agglomerates increases the available surface and hence the filler/polymer interaction, so that mixing viscosity (energy input) rises to a local maximum.
When the machine is cold in the start-up phase of the production, the rotor needs some mixing cycles to reach thermal equilibrium.
Mixer inner parts with surfaces in direct contact with the compound include mixing chambers, rotors, door top, floating weight and rotor end plates.
RIM equipment features patented Pocket Head with adjustable length mixing chamber with reverse angle impingement, and replaceable orifices.
However, silica mixing by means of traditional mixing technology goes along with a reduction of mixing capacity and an increase of mixing costs.