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Furthermore, a mixing study may be performed immediately or after incubation.
These results from the FKM mixing study appear to be somewhat erratic.
With these two carefully designed EPDM rubber materials, a mixing study was carried out to compare the effect of EPDM bimodal composition on the compound mixing cycle.
Although mixing studies are useful in the evaluation of a prolonged PT, when multiple factor deficiencies are present the mixing study does not always correct completely into the reference interval.
Three classes of calls, 1:1 mixing study interpretation, approval and coordination of STAT testing for organ donor evaluation, and critical value notification, all decreased.
From customer trials and mixing study, the mixer uses less power peak and specific energy than the traditional mixers, and also has the following mixing performance advantages:
The first figure shows a DVA made with polypropylene (PP) and ethylene propylene diene elastomer (EPDM) as part of a mixing study.