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Thus, the degree of the correlation between the total score and mnemonic score is established in this level: [alpha]= 0.
Regarding fraction-specific mnemonic usage, Test and Ellis (2005) provide the only example in which fraction skills were addressed via a mnemonic technique.
What I personally need more, however, are mnemonics for the major moons of the other planets,
George Washington's presidential mansion is the closing site where Tillet also points out the limits of mnemonic restitution.
Mnemonic Strategies: Success for the Young-Adult Learner, The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 7(2), 79-85.
This is what, for Wilder, constitutes the separation between memory theater and mnemonic tableaux.
Gronas's final chapter, "Mnemonic Poets: The Tip-of-the-Tongue State, the Saussurean Anagram, and the Mechanisms of Mnemonic Activity," shifts emphasis to the mnemonics of the poet's creative process by way of the mystery of Saussure's anagrams, theme words which the famous linguist found broken up and hidden in poems both ancient and new.
Even when Rivers claims to be drawing on "recent" scholarship--when she notes, for example, that "Hugh's mnemonic methods have recently received a good deal of attention" (47) or mentions "Janet Coleman's recent observation" concerning the Ad Herennium (282)--the works she cites date to the early 1990s, the period when Rivers "began the study of mnemonics and medieval preaching" (xi).
Many memory experts use a range of mnemonic strategies to aid memory and recall (Collins, 2007).
During the 20-day activity, the first author would explain the Ask, Reflect, Text (ART) mnemonic strategy to participants at the beginning of each of two daily 90-minute sessions: after choosing a story topic, ask yourself the WWW, W=2, H=2 acrostic questions (A); as you reflect about your answers, illustrate them using art media so as to have a visual story plan (R); using your visual plan, compose the text of your story (T).
This collection also includes two articles from each of the editors, coupled with an introduction (Robinson) and a completely superfluous preface (Yoke), but I was particularly frustrated by Yoke's "Fogging 'Johnny Mnemonic.
Mnemonic devices are defined as memory-enhancing techniques that improve learning and information recall through the use of imagery.