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The family have mnemonically established an existential relationship between themselves and the village through their child's name.
His physical assumption of blackness may be temporary, but in terms of an experience of the black life that cannot be mnemonically disowned even as the accoutrements of its theatrical illusion can at performance's end be shed, his loss of a simple and exclusive whiteness must be permanent.
These words are used mnemonically following Wells' (1982) system.
Yes, that spells CAMP for you mnemonically disposed readers.
In addition, they scored an average of 62% on weekly tests when taught mnemonically, compared to the average of 32% on weekly tests when taught by traditional instruction.
It quickly becomes apparent that formulaic devices in such texts have a function beyond mere infill and in fact are exploited with deliberation: here, tags function mnemonically, supplying lessons for the reader/audience and subject-headings for the preacher; there, they constitute abbreviated invocations of pious imagery as a focus for prayer; elsewhere, tags may represent an associative institutional weight, as they do on the lips of saints in hagiographical narratives.
The system is neither transparent nor mnemonically organized, so that no resemblance between patterns such as want to do sth and want sb to do sth can be deduced from the codes (Herbst 1996: 329).