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Consumers have become much more open to the idea of using their mobile phones to access local information when they are on the go, and our data indicates that more people are using go2 on their mobile phones," said Mark Donovan, vice president and senior analyst with M:Metrics.
Mobile TV services require a significant investment by mobile operators, broadcasters, and content providers to create profitable services.
Additional conclusions found in Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions:
Mobile data services including SMS, MMS and Mobile TV
Mobile content is important in Vietnam, but is still in its embryonic stages and represents an excellent ground floor opportunity for mobile content developers and aggregators.
Our latest market research examines how service providers, network operators, application and content providers are positioning themselves to compete in India's mobile data market.
0 of SafeNet's award-winning SoftRemote VPN product family, SoftRemote Mobile protects business-critical communications, delivering robust security to mobile applications such as email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and remote access to enterprise applications.
Much like viruses on a computer, viruses on mobile devices can delete files, infect files, send private information from the mobile device, facilitate external attacks and/or drain the battery.
Products featured in the company's booth include: the ThunderHawk[TM] browser for mobile handsets, myMMS[TM], a creative mobile messaging application, and Bitstream core mobile technologies for rendering worldwide text in handsets and mobile applications.
A huge amount of mobile content is lost to consumers if Web pages aren't optimized for the mobile phone," said Steve Elfman, executive vice president of InfoSpace's mobile business unit.
This European market report covers developments in the region's rapidly expanding mobile data market.
Vidiator[R], a leading provider of mobile multimedia solutions, today announced that Xenon[TM] Music, based on the Xenon Multimedia Delivery Platform, is being used by PCCW to power a new music service -- "MOOV on mobile.