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According to Conway, that includes mobile compatibility for the growing use of tablet and Smartphone technology in the industry.
There is a high chance that the first time a user sees your website will be on a mobile device, so disregarding mobile compatibility will eliminate half of your potential market right off the bat.
We chose HeyBubble mainly because of the great innovation we saw in its product, including its differentiating Skype[R] integration, mobile compatibility and advanced analytics," says Scott Armstrong, Interfacing COO.
As a pioneer in the category and the first in the industry to bring direct mobile syncing to the Windows Phone platform, Fitbit products have broad mobile compatibility with computers and more than 200 Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices, plus integration with third-party apps further extending its reach.
In real-world implementations, organizations need hosted infrastructure, firewall traversal, mobile compatibility, and more.
With advanced mobile compatibility, users can easily print or scan documents with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices using the convenient free Sharpdesk[sup.

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