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The study, which notes the absence of violence in the campaign, underlines that electoral mobilisation revealed the existence of a "tacit relationship between money and politics.
The Transportation Ministry released a statement on Wednesday saying it would cancel the public mobilisation and conscription after most workers decided to end the strike, but the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) said in a statement that real reason was that metro workers had threatened go in strike in solidarity with the train workers if the orders were not rescinded.
Repeated disruptions to road access by a large number of local people who were demanding employment resulted in delays in mobilisation, which is now almost complete.
Physiological responses to the early mobilisation of the intubated, ventilated abdominal surgery patient.
Presumably these techniques, which are commonly taught in Australian physiotherapy courses, were chosen because this senior clinician believed, on the basis of her experience, that these are effective shoulder mobilisation techniques.
Immobilisation or early mobilisation after an acute soft tissue injury.