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Council secretary general Mohamed Athman said: 'We want to see them mobilise people like they do during voting.
"Aware of these difficulties, the government seeks to avoid waves with limited ways, knowing that the domestic market crucially lacks cash and savings have dropped, making it difficult to mobilise resources on the domestic market.
"As Members of Parliament from sugarcane growing areas, we are going to mobilise farmers to petition the Supreme Court to recommend the dissolution of the 12th Parliament because of corruption," said Mr Savula.He went on: "The Speaker must institute thorough investigations into this matter, but we will continue mobilising farmers to ensure that this petition sails through.
It is believed that some of the largest banks in the nation are looking to mobilise INR580bn from the markets.
Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Centre, responded that while people did successfully mobilise in Algerian uprisings, the uprisings themselves failed because the world did not get to hear about the injustices done, or see them.
Next year, expect our Conference to be hopefully, depending on the work that will happen or not under the UN auspices more focused on the political support and on the support we can mobilise to accompany negotiations.
India-based Yes Bank has announced that it is to mobilise funds to meet commitments to climate finance.
I AM writing to ask readers of the Daily Post to support the Mobilise campaign which is fighting to end the injustice of age discrimination in disability benefits.
European Union agrees to Euro 3.5 million for investments and technical assistance within the Mobilise Your City (MYC) programme in India.
Global Banking News-September 21, 2015--Bangladesh central bank to mobilise capital
DEFENCE officials yesterday insisted they had not yet decided to mobilise reserve troops for action against Iraq despite reports that orders will go out within 10 days.
A political group, Dapo Abiodun Youth Movement ( DAYM) in the All Progressives Congress (APC), has vowed to mobilise over 300,000 votes for the victory of the party's governorship candidate, Prince Dapo Abiodun, at the polls in 2019.