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As is the case with strength training, the 'agonist/antagonist' or 'isolationist' (single-plane, single-joint) approach to mobility training is unsound.
Allan Dodds, in his book, Mobility Training for Visually Handicapped People: A Person-Centered Approach, clearly distinguishes between the "authoritarian" style of instruction and the "egalitarian" instructor, who employs the discovery learning method (Dodds, 1988).
Mobility training included subjects walking for 12 minutes on a course outfitted with parallel bars to practice stepping over 10 cm-high boards, traversing 3 steps, and walking laterally, all with handrail support.
The mobility training is carried out using automatic cars with a range of adaptations.
BSM Mobility training is provided in dual-controlled BSM Vauxhall Corsa automatic cars fitted with a range of specialist adaptations.
Disability leave would allow people losing their sight to get time off work for intensive rehabilitation, mobility training and the opportunity to learn new skills.
A DEAF woman with failing eyesight claims she has been waiting three years for Coventry social services to organise mobility training for her.
And half of those questioned said they had received no mobility training to help them get around on public transport.
Because of this problem, any discussion of mobility training for the older blind must first explore both the needs of this group and the barriers to meeting those needs, before discussing the techniques involved in providing that training.
To achieve these goals in both patient populations, physical therapists make extensive use of a range of techniques such as low-impact aerobic exercises, gait training, high-level balance activities, transfer and bed mobility training, safety reinforcement and neuromuscular reeducation.
com/research/455d74/body_mechanics_tr) has announced the addition of the "Body Mechanics, Transfers, & Mobility Training for LTC Caregivers" report to their offering.
With respect to their mobility training, 15 participants (46.

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