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While Cohen and Arato (1994) ultimately aspire to the "self-limiting revolution" of a "highly articulated, organized, autonomous, and mobilizable civil society" (p.
The political question is] to what extent do people become mobilizable behind absurd stereotypes in order to direct them against Muslims or other groups?
Fourth, NPM could reflect a "new client politics," the advent of a new easily mobilizable coalition whose collective self-interest drives a policy boom.
21) Finally, the Truman administration concluded that while the Soviet empire might ultimately collapse of its own internal contradictions, "without superior aggregate military strength, in being and readily mobilizable, a policy of 'containment'.
Between this email and the news that hundreds of volunteers had poured in to help the Shomrim, the police, and eventually even the FBI canvass Borough Park and other parts of Brooklyn, it seemed clear that the Internet was being used to mobilize an already astonishingly mobilizable ultra-Orthodox communityone already related to Orthodox communities outside of Brooklyn.
Murphey, who uses the same source, estimates the potential strength of the timariot cavalry at 99,261 and that of the mobilizable forces at 50,000-80,000 men (Ottoman Warfare, 36-43).
The degree of body tissue mobilization in lactation depends on feed intake postpartum and on the amounts of mobilizable adipose and protein tissue (Davenport and Rakes, 1969).
Soft tissue lead stores are readily mobilizable, whereas bone lead is not, since bones take 15 years to remodel.
They also assess mobilizable energy (logistics as rationale) that might be brought to bear by all interested parties and agencies to advance or retard the sponsor's project.
Intergeneric Transfer of Conjugative and Mobilizable Plasmids Harbored by Escherichia coli in the Soil Microarthropod Folsomia candida (Collembola).

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