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Intergeneric Transfer of Conjugative and Mobilizable Plasmids Harbored by Escherichia coli in the Soil Microarthropod Folsomia candida (Collembola).
Primus, Judicial Power and Mobilizable History, 65 MD.
Lead mobilization tests (LMTs; challenge/provocative/ provocation test) measure the urinary lead concentration (PbU) after a single administration of a chelating agent and provide an evaluation of the more readily mobilizable pool (7, 10-13).
Celardin F (1999) Semi-empirical correlations between so-called mobilizable and mobile concentrations of heavy metals in soils.
12) Mae-Wan Ho proposed to interpret negentropy as stored mobilizable energy.
From the discussion provided in the text, opportunity is accounted for by increased government vulnerability, less likelihood of official repression, and the presence of external allies able to facilitate intermediation with the government, all assuming there is an available number of mobilizable protesters with an appropriate cultural framing.
The luxCDABE operon of the terrestrial bacterium Photorhabdus luminescens is carried on the mobilizable, [Ap.
Nonofficeholding actors, mainly in the business and voluntary sectors (and those that cut across the public/private divide), who have particular objectives they wish to pursue with regard to those same issue areas, whether as unorganized interests or as organized groups; and some combination of relevant mobilizable resources, including specialized knowledge, direct economic interest, elite network contacts, financial and other material resources, a popular or group base, ideological affinity, etc.

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