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Additional and periodic wargames, exercises, and simulations across the Army's mobilization enterprise--similar to command-post Warfighter Exercises that ensure corps, division, and brigade headquarters' staff can perform their wartime missions--should be used to identify gaps, seams, and challenges that can be mitigated.
Hamagharib's comments don't demonstrate a conflict between the Peshmerga and the Popular Mobilization Units.
Every grant application submitted to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) (2015) requires an outcomes statement (what impacts are anticipated) and a knowledge mobilization strategy (how those impacts will be achieved).
Mobilization Capital's goal is to empower those people to bid on contracts that interest them.
But more intimidating varieties of employer mobilization, such as when employers use threats of layoffs to motivate participation by their workers, put undue political pressure on employees to maintain their economic livelihood.
Patients were staged according to Ann Arbor System before mobilization. Staging procedures included physical examination, reporting of B-symptoms, computed tomography (CT) scans, or positron emission tomography (PET)-CT and bone marrow biopsy.
There was a substantial practical impediment militating against covert mobilization: infrastructure.
In mid-April, just hours after most of the Popular Mobilization Forces withdrew from their main stronghold in the Sufia region, east of Ramadi city center, toward the adjacent Habbaniya Base -- ISIS launched attacks on several areas in the city and its outskirts.
No previous researchers have identified the concept of mobilization context specifically, but some have discussed it.
Highlighting the achievements of mobilization through BBCs, Chairperson said that BISP has trained 62,000 women leaders so far.
The Indonesian case, then, provides much support for Mecham's notion of religio-political entrepreneurship behind Islamist mobilizations. The influence of these entrepreneurs was particularly quantifiable in the Indonesian case, because of the clearly defined time frame of the mobilization (several months as opposed to many years in other cases) and the precise nature of its narrative (blasphemy charges against a non-Muslim governor, the sanctity of Al-Maidah 51, and economic inequality).
Early mobilisation in intensive care units in Australia and Scotland: a prospective, observational cohort study examining mobilization practises and barriers.

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