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I was six months pregnant with Mia when he was mobilized," Jeannette Williams said.
The existing processes and controls used to provide pay and allowances to mobilized Army Guard personnel are so cumbersome and complex that neither DOD nor, more importantly, the mobilized Army Guard soldiers could be reasonably assured of timely and accurate payroll payments.
We look at each situation, whether it's a request to remain mobilized or a request to demobilize early.
It is my belief that [SSCRA] was never meant to purposely exclude National Guardsmen mobilized in the manner they have been today," he said.
Falwell is Falwell, and Reagan certainly was Reagan, only because a mobilized social base assigned them a role and accepted their performance of it.
Peeck (1982) compared recall frequencies for items that were most frequently mobilized (high-frequency items) and items that were infrequently mobilized (low-frequency items).
America doesn't need a bigger standing army; it needs a deep bench of trained soldiers held in reserve who can be mobilized to handle the unpredictable but inevitable wars and humanitarian interventions of the future.
In light of the recent mobilizations associated with the war on terrorism and homeland security, GAO was asked to determine if controls used to pay mobilized Army Guard personnel provided assurance that such pays were accurate and timely.
In Silver and Moeser's analysis, school desegregation was the central issue that mobilized black political participation throughout the urban South.

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