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From children to social mobilizer notating daily cases
Our unique Mobilizer renders your reports in HTML5 providing you more powerful and faster access to your data.
Interaction Mobilizer is a software platform that enables
To address the growing interest in and preference for online self-help options, Interactive Intelligence recently introduced Interaction Mobilizer.
Mobilizer carries the colours of his breeder, Frank Stronach's Adena Springs Farm, in whose colours Awesome Again was successful in the Queen's Plate during the Queen's last visit to Woodbine.
mobi - the only ICANN-approved naming convention for helping consumers find mobile Web sites - today announced a series of user-friendly improvements to its internationally recognized Instant Mobilizer service.
The Mobilizer is connected to the car's engine management system which swings into action when a pre-set code is sent to the mobile hidden under the bonnet.
UK mobile Internet developer Peramon has announced the immediate availability of the MOBILIZER Application Generator.
Another Victorinox piece that is popular with business travelers is the Communications Mobilizer ($335), which is kind of a rolling office, with a fan folder for files.
He was a mobilizer," says author and gay historian John D'Emilio.
This definition of Petrarch's thought on the part of Mazzotta allows for a novel exegetic enterprise that leads to fascinating conclusions: the centrality of rhetoric in the Petrarchan opus, the epistemological validity of poetry, the self as the sole source of questions of value, the nexus between love and thought with love being the mobilizer of thought, and the fragmentation of the poetics of the Canzoniere, a fragmentation that mirrors the larger splintering of the collective writing of the poet.