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SCLERG has held several drills, starting with simply mobilizing personnel and progressing to a mock mutual-aid response outside the county.
Su Voto Es Su Voz'' - Your Vote is Your Voice - is the motto of the organization that is primarily, but not exclusively, geared toward mobilizing the Latino community, Ramirez said.
In McKay's view, changing lobbying from Washington-based gladhanding to mobilizing voters is a good thing for democracy because it makes legislators more responsive to voters at the grassroots.
These data confirm the prediction of the cognitive set-point hypothesis that mobilizing prior knowledge facilitates the processing of both mobilized and non-mobilized items of the category activated.
To learn more about how Formotus is mobilizing business data visit www.
Massing a 600,000 force would have meant not only pulling nearly all front-line troops out of Korea, but also mobilizing the poorly-resourced divisions of the National Guard, the third-string crew that the president can call on when the first string (active troops) and the second string (the Guard's elite "enhanced" reserve brigades) are depleted.
It is a matter of activating a presently inoperative process of the mind, of locating it, of mobilizing it, of removing barriers to its activation.
As Silver and Moeser indicate, by concentrating "African-American citizens in a racially defined geographic area, the separate city provided the institutional networks and communication systems necessary for mobilizing an aggrieved people.
Tuesday, November 14, 1:00 - 1:30 PM ET: Building the Business Case for Mobilizing Sales Data through a Successful Pilot Program
So a community dealt with an external threat by mobilizing its horizontal and vertical political relationships.
BOSTON -- Yankee Group is proud to present its first annual Mobilizing the Enterprise summit to be held on October 11 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.
A longtime customer of Vettro, Bell Mobility will present on a panel of industry experts including Vettro General Manager of Field Sales Pat Smith in a discussion on best approaches and advantages of mobilizing enterprise CRM and other enterprise systems.