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And in Ukraine, the mobocracy though did succeed in chasing out a pro-Russian elected president, but with horrendous consequences to the country, now teetering on fragmentation, with its Crimean peninsula having already fallen to an engineered annexation with Russia and its industrial heartland of eastern regions in the lap of secessionist revolts.
Both Imran and Qadri should know that mobocracy being patronised by them so zealously could similarly boomerang here and governments could fall and take over frequently under the heat of mobs, leading up to great instability in the country, and even ending up ultimately in the packing up of the whole of the civilian rule dispensation.
72) For Petitt, the willingness of plebeian populists to take their grievances into the streets was an example of mobocracy and had to be prevented at all costs.
Our current protagonists of mobocracy would hence do well to keep in mind the unwanted outcome of the dicey mobocracy venture.
So what is it that the deeply harried and distressed citizen should watch the dramas that the loud-mouthed protagonists of mobocracy and their equally foul-mouthed official detractors are enacting so zestfully nowadays?
Is mobocracy now going to be the order of the day, and not democracy?
But mobocracy has already claimed a casualty in Egypt, where the street protests ended up in the packing up of the whole shop of democracy with a military takeover, which is promising even the return of the old Mubarak-era order.
A GOVERNMENT huddled in an ivory tower, which failed to fathom the sense of rage on the streets after the Delhi gang rape, has shockingly preferred to call it mobocracy.
The American Founders, by way of contrast, understood that democracy (unrestrained majority rule, rather than the rule of law) was incompatible with ordered liberty and individual rights, and was a forerunner to mobocracy followed by tyranny.
We are still one, we haven't degenerated into a mobocracy.