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Mock exercises of Bahawalpur police were underway to tackle with any act of terrorism,' he said, adding that mock exercises were being conducted by the district police and Dolphin Force.
Chanakya IAS Academy's Mock Interviews have been specially designed in lieu of preparing candidates to attempt the crucial phase with the best of their preparation and mental readiness.
The 21 papers in this collection consider harmonic Maass forms and mock modular forms, the background to them, and their applications.
This is the first State-level Mock Exercise on earthquake covering all districts of the State.
Deputy Director PDMA Maher Aziz-Ur-Rehman inspected camps and review mock exercise.
A literature search was completed in CINAHL for 2011-2016 using the keywords mock code, code blue, simulation and basic life support, simulation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and simulation and code blue.
In 1964, Ohio housewife Jerrie Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world, completing the journey first attempted by Amelia Earhart.
Our mock CASC is arranged by the organising committee for the local core psychiatry education programme (MRCPsych course).
Mock-scraping can be extremely effective, and just like in the opening story, I have had great success kick-starting the rut by using mock scrapes.
A properly designed mock jury exercise can provide invaluable insights into a potential jury's reactions to witnesses and evidence, as well as to your presentation, themes and arguments.
Back in 2010 the school Sixth Form's mock election results pretty much predicted the final result of the real result nationally.
ARMM Executive Secretary Laisa Alamia announced this Wednesday as she urged the private sector to contribute funds for the revival of the mock villages, which represent Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, all component provinces of the autonomous region.