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A whisper passed among the elder collegians that he had been seen at a mock auction in Moorfields, pretending to buy plated articles for massive silver, and paying for them with the greatest liberality in bank notes; but it never reached her ears.
May was a very busy month with a mock auction at Longbeoch.
JULY 16 - Turriff & District JAC mock auction with CC Powell.
The school told ( NBC News that it had taken immediate corrective action after the mock auction incident.
Mock auction: 1) Sion Eilir, Ruthin; 2) Dafydd Williams, Cilcain; winners 3) Idris Williams.
The highlight of the day for the youngsters was the mock auction of a variety of farm animals sold by auctioneer Raymond Kennedy.
BTRC will publish the list of qualified applicants for the auction on January 25 while consultation on auction procedure will take place on January 29, date for submission of bid earnest money is on February 5, letter of acceptance/rejection to participate in the bidding is February 7 and mock auction will be held on February 13.
The public notice will also provide information about a preview period during which bidders can download their bidding options, and a practice auction and mock auction that will provide bidders an opportunity to get familiar with bidding in the assignment phase, as previously reported by RBR + TVBR.
A mock auction session, was arranged to ensure that the interested traders and generators were fully comfortable with the platform, he added.
A mock auction will be held on 3 April, followed by the auction proper on 7 April.
Beef Expo will show the youngsters how meat ends up on our plates, from livestock sold in the auction mart environment with a mock auction, all the way through to a Ready, Steady, Cook competition.
These include a mock auction, a visit to a private collection, and meetings and visits to public art venues, as well as other trips.