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Now those on the bank mocked no more; they stood still wondering, and I walked on till I came to the foot of the cliff.
They spat upon him and buffeted him, they scourged him, they mocked him, they laid the heavy cross on his bruised shoulders.
Give the man who is not made To his trade Swords to fling and catch again, Coins to ring and snatch again, Men to harm and cure again, Snakes to charm and lure again - He'll be hurt by his own blade, By his serpents disobeyed, By his clumsiness bewrayed,' By the people mocked to scorn - So 'tis not with juggler born
At the first he made a wise face for himself, but in a little while he began to scratch and to leap up and down, and when Tha came back he found the Gray Ape hanging, head down, from a bough, mocking those who stood below; and they mocked him again.
shouted Goodman Brown, in a voice of agony and desperation; and the echoes of the forest mocked him, crying, "Faith
The indistinctness mocked him even while he stared, affected him as somehow shrouding or challenging certitude, so that after faltering an instant on his step he let himself go with the sense that here WAS at last something to meet, to touch, to take, to know - something all unnatural and dreadful, but to advance upon which was the condition for him either of liberation or of supreme defeat.
At first he thought he must have fancied it or been mocked by a mere echo of his own tramp.
Miss Alan did not follow, but gathered that she was being mocked in an agreeable way.
There was a man who had three sons, the youngest of whom was called Dummling,[*] and was despised, mocked, and sneered at on every occasion.
He spoke such things as these and more of a kindred sort to her, being still swayed by the antipathetic wave which warps direct souls with such persistence when once their vision finds itself mocked by appearances.
she mocked back at him; then, with a sudden drop of her sweet treble: "You mean that Zeena-ain't suited with me any more?
He had been there at least an hour and a half, lacerated, maltreated, mocked incessantly, and almost stoned.