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I think she could be a right old mocker of pomposity, including her husband's.
He was a superb journalist, less of a mocker and more of a campaigner than his colleagues, but he was aware that to outsiders he was a ``Bollinger Bolshie'' and come the revolution he would fail to shoot his bourgeois friends.
A few crackers, too, from Steven McKenna, in Glasgow, who suggests Joe Mocker, Kula Faker and (this is a belter) It's No Patrol.
Besides that, continued my mocker, Father Christmas would hardly be able to get from Birkenhead to Rhyl, never mind Africa in the time available.
Samuel West's Richard II derives traditional ceremony but the mocker is mocked as we know and eventually he comes down to the base court in a silver, teddy bear fabric overcoat.
Will it put the mockers on Saturday's trip to Reading to even think about it?
He added that, "the noble prophet (Mohammed) whom we anger for and pledge our souls and funds to has taught how to anger for him and how to deal with mockers.
Well, I've just put the mockers on that lot now, haven't I?
The main changes seen were in the prescription of calcium channel Mockers, and thiazides, which significantly increased in the intervention group compared with the control group," the researchers wrote.
Former Fulham owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, who commissioned the statue in the first place because Jackson was a friend, was furious at the mockers.
Thornton has had the mockers on Taylor since last year's UK Open, but nobody beats the 'Power' all the time.
When I heard the parentals discussing it during a post-work kettle-boil, I found myself wondering what would have happened to my Daddy (who works with calculators in an office) if he happened to take a bite out of someone's arm when they put the mockers on a climactic sum he was in the middle of.