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Firstly banished, in principle, to the jumps course, then in reality to the Tapeta, it is struggling to cling on to its heritage and, mockingly it feels, is 'previously known as the Pitmen's Derby' if you care to believe the racecourse's website.
Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola mockingly stated that Premier League giants Manchester United do not have the means to acquire key members of his squad.
Commenting on the specifics of the agreement, Qureshi mockingly questioned if the leaders part of the deal found it acceptable to have martial law imposed after the said third election was held.
The United legend had admitted that his joking teammates had given him plenty of stick since he was handed the top job on Tuesday and they also mockingly questioned where he would now park his vehicle in the team car park.
Guys, gear up for Ranveer," Kapoor had said mockingly alluding to the frenzied fan reactions during the festival.
The West Ham skipper has come in for stick from the Upton Park crowd and some home fans even mockingly chanted, "Off, off, off" when Nolan was yellow-carded.
In the letter mention was made about attack on other jail mockingly which later was translated into reality only within two weeks.
Congress leader Shashi Tharoor mockingly said: "So this is why they call BJP 'a party with a difference'
In response to Tamer having his first child stateside, Haters of Tamer Hosny mockingly said, "Let the US benefit you
Ben Gafir said mockingly, "If we don't get more kubbeh, we will start a third Intifada.
One of them allegedly imitated a religious cleric from the Sunni faith and mockingly praised one of Prophet Mohammed's companions in a mosque, while the other suspect filmed the incident, according to court documents.
After on Friday, Anton Kutev, a senior BSP functionary, stated that socialism is "like AIDS", on Saturday Borisov mockingly declared he had ordered the Executive Commission of the ruling center-right party GERB to come up with rules for protection from AIDS/BSP.