mode of communication

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"With ANC cracking down on peddlers that used a conventional mode of communication, the group moved its operations to app-based services and used Whatsapp to communicate.
This mode of communication plays a vital role in controlling the birth timing of the child, the study noted.
Their only mode of communication and education is English.
The minister said the present government has been implementing various projects to make Bangladesh Railway into safe, cost effective and environment- friendly mode of communication along with time befitting and modern one.
Adopt a mode of communication which suits your audience.
" "Making a mockery of this right is an attack on their dignity and makes them even more vulnerable in our society where only a few understand their mode of communication," it said.
Similarly, FSL would be used as the official mode of communication used by government in all transactions involving the deaf, through FSL-trained interpreters in various government offices.
The media is quite an essential mode of communication and judicious use of media conveys political narratives for public assimilation.
We live in the modern competitive era when we can communicate with the loved ones and the professional contacts through various sophisticated mode of communication.
The US president used his favoured mode of communication - Twitter - to threaten an escalation that would add 20% duty on vehicles entering the US.
In Azad Kashmir, residents use suspension bridges and other cable transport as the only mode of communication to various cities.
The four works on view (all 2018) describe two fictional retro-futuristic societies striving to create a common mode of communication. Invoking ancient texts written in Sumerian cuneiform and Mayan hieroglyphics, Le Sergent's videos and 3-D prints raise Orwellian concerns about how the controlled pictographic speech of emojis, gifs, and emoticons is changing not only the way we communicate, but also our capacity for free thought.