mode of communication

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THE Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT) has notified use of emails as a new mode of communication between income tax ( I- T) officials and taxpayers.
Telemetry is an automated mode of communication that is used for the measurement of data received from remote and inaccessible points.
Addressing on the occasion, he said that Stamps are intimately connected with our lives and earlier letters used to be the only mode of communication and these communications used postage stamps.
Wellington, April12 ( ANI ): Employees dependence on email as the primary mode of communication has caused a lack of business productivity.
He added: "I think it's a very demanding form of filmmaking because you're taking on a mode of communication that's not our mode of communication.
The firm has launched a drive to celebrate postcard art and bring it "back from the edge" after research showed that holidaymakers from the UK were falling out of love with the traditional handwritten mode of communication.
He added that railways was amongst the most used mode of communication and has access to the far flung areas of the country.
He said the radio is a mode of communication which is being used in most parts of the country especially in far-flung areas to update the people on latest local, national and international issues, adding The government has declared 2010 as Radio Year.
With purring being the normal mode of communication for a happy cat, researchers from The Centre of Mammal Vocal Communication at the University of Sussex found the 'gimme food' purr is much more highpitched.
For the average teen, text messaging remains a highly personal mode of communication reserved for close friends and family.
Sixty-five percent of those surveyed use pagers as their primary mode of communication, while only 17 percent say they use cell phones.
In Europe and Asia, cell phones are more sophisticated tools, and text messaging is the preferred mode of communication - if for no other reason than it's cheaper than placing a call.