mode of operation

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The CTR mode of operation is a single-pass mode that uses a preconfigured counter to generate a key stream.
The CCM mode of operation is a two-pass mode that combines the CTR mode and raw CBC-MAC to provide authenticated encryption.
Furthermore, all IM4000-PRO, IMSolo-3, IMSolo-4 and Rapid Image[TM] Hard Drive Duplication Lines' IQCopy Mode of Operation now recognizes the exFAT File System also supported by Windows[R] Vista and Windows[R] 7.
First, it allows MSOs to configure and use a different mode of operation when connecting to a "trusted" network provider - such as another cable-operating entity that complies with PacketCable service agreements and IP transport agreements.
With telecommuting, shared enterprise applications, and globally dispersed business operations becoming the standard mode of operation in most large and medium-sized enterprises, VPNs have become the preferred system for secure communications, particularly for remote and mobile workers.
0 is 100% compliant with Windows API file systems in every mode of operation to minimize the risk of corruption and data loss.
We are very pleased with the performance of the OBV interceptor during Flight Test-1, and happy to be back in the flight test mode of operations," said Mr.