mode of operation

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This allows the ICS proprietary Intelligent Copy Mode of Operation (IQCopy) to take advantage of the Windows[R] 7 built-in support for Advanced Format drives.
SmartEnterprise comes with plenty of power and flexibility, and its intuitive mode of operation and fast, easy data mining capability makes it simple to locate the information we and our customers need and to generate it using electronic document templates rather than labor intensive preprinted forms.
In its most basic mode of operation, the Tornado Generator(TM) can simply be used to dramatically reduce the volume of targeted wastes by about 90%, as well as the associated transportation and disposal costs.
Their experience and mode of operation has proven effective in penetrating the vast user and MRO areas of the machine safeguarding market.
Defrag Manager maintains 100% compliance with native Windows file system APIs, ensuring thorough, safe boot-time defragmentation in every mode of operation without file system corruption or data loss.