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The Mediator component, in turn, coordinates the communication between View & UI and Model instances. It ensures, for example, that modifications made to a specific document instance are propagated to the right Model instance and that all View & UI instances which are affected by the change refresh their document view.
Thus, at run-time there are as many Model instances per authoring tool instance as there are different, partially-synchronized versions of the managed document.
In making its case, the volume is a model instance of comparative analysis.
In order to provide an accurate representation of the real world context, the following context representation artifacts are defined: specific context model, specific context model instance and context--actor instance.
A specific context model instance, [C.sub.S], =< [R.sub.S], [A.sub.S], [P.sub.S] >, contains the set of context resources with which the middleware interacts, together with their values in a specific moment of time.
A context-actor instance represents the projection of the specific context model instance onto a certain actor.
The RPA agent uses the specific context model instance to identify the proper plan to be executed by the Execution and Monitoring Agent or for generating a new plan.
The CMMA agent identifies this variation and generates (i) a new context--actor instance and (ii) a new specific context model instance.
It actually represents the specific context model instance projection onto a certain actor:
Subsequently, I propose the fundamental re-thinking of the workflow, leading to solutions that allow synthesizing model instances optimized on-the-fly for a specific output device.
However, it is very likely that we may lose the metamodel due to a hard-drive crash or version conflicts, resulting in the failure of loading and applying existing model instances. Our solution to this problem is to infer the metamodel from model instances, that is.

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