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It ensures, for example, that modifications made to a specific document instance are propagated to the right Model instance and that all View & UI instances which are affected by the change refresh their document view.
Thus, at run-time there are as many Model instances per authoring tool instance as there are different, partially-synchronized versions of the managed document.
In order to provide an accurate representation of the real world context, the following context representation artifacts are defined: specific context model, specific context model instance and context--actor instance.
A context-actor instance represents the projection of the specific context model instance onto a certain actor.
The RPA agent uses the specific context model instance to identify the proper plan to be executed by the Execution and Monitoring Agent or for generating a new plan.
The CMMA agent identifies this variation and generates (i) a new context--actor instance and (ii) a new specific context model instance.
It actually represents the specific context model instance projection onto a certain actor:
S] a result, we conclude that a new specific context model instance should be created when Card([[Delta].
However, it is very likely that we may lose the metamodel due to a hard-drive crash or version conflicts, resulting in the failure of loading and applying existing model instances.

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