model of virtue

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On the other hand, we feel Dev isn't quite a role model of virtue and justice.
presents a biography of American writer Armstrong (1905-69), emphasizing such questions as what believed about suspense, how she experienced it, what elements in her written works evoke suspense, how her novels transcend the prototypical suspense genre, and how suspense becomes an opportunity to develop virtue in her characters and a model of virtue for her readers.
A hero need not be a pillar of society or a model of virtue, all they need is a heart of gold.
If Huigens's model of virtue theory seeks to exclude moral considerations from determining what constitutes law, Lawrence Solum is committed to finding a place for morality within a distinctively aretaic model of law.
In The Odyssey, Odysseus's wife Penelope is a marginal figure but a model of virtue who fends off for ten years the unwanted attentions of numerous suitors as her husband's return from the Trojan Wars is delayed by endless adventures.
That is because Aquinas wanted to adopt the classical model of virtue and still retain the Christian sense that holiness depends primarily on God's action.
IT was reported yesterday that Alastair Campbell, so keen nowadays to be thought the model of virtue and morals, will be giving a "communications masterclass" to council employees at a cost of pounds 10,000 of taxpayers' money.

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