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The coastal waters along these areas will be moderate to occasionally rough, it added.
A drop in temperatures is forecast on Monday, and the weather will be moderate with northwesterly moderate to brisk winds.
AaAaAa In the Al Buraimi Governorate, light to moderate rains fell on the Wilayats of Al Buraimi, Mahadah and the Niyabat Al Rawdah which led to the Wadis overflow.
Although previous randomized, controlled trials have shown reduced morbidity and mortality with a tight glucose protocol, compared with a liberal protocol, tight protocols have not been compared with moderate protocols, and few studies have examined the effects of simply introducing a new protocol.
As measured on a standard scale, 31% of women had symptoms of depression-12% mild, 14% moderate and 5% severe depression.
A MODERATE REPUBLICAN CHAMPIONING early childcare can feel a little lonely sometimes.
I believe now that we have science standards that the rest of the world could look to," said Carol Rupe, one of the newly elected moderates.
History has followed King's lead, in effect dismissing them with the description: a moderate is a moderate is a moderate.
John's wort has been studied almost entirely in people with mild to moderate depression.
Olympia Snowe, a moderate Republican leader from Maine.
They collected blood samples from 127 nonsmokers who did not have any psychiatric disorders, 11 moderate smokers in good mental health, 46 nonsmokers diagnosed with major depression, and 61 moderate smokers also suffering from major depression.