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Attendees then join the conversation with Pakistani Cinema: Kul aur Aaj moderated by Raju Jamil; Judicial Activism or Justice Overdone The Politics and Jurisprudence of the Chaudhry Court 2005-2013 edited by Ijaz Shafi Gilani and Moeen H.
moderated by David Shaw, Tire Industry Research, U.
Canon Law questions--are moderated by Amy Jill Strickland.
Orders for nondefense capital goods have moderated somewhat in recent months but still point to considerable further expansion of spending on business equipment; nonresidential construction has continued to trend appreciably higher.
The celebrations will continue with Yemen: Difficult Choices for Pakistan moderated by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, Author to Author with Mohammed Hanif, A Womens Jirga from Swat by Awaz and The Matter of Moving Image by Art Now; Politics: The Art of the Possible and Sometimes the Impossible moderated by Farhan Bokhari, The Heart Breaks Free: Dramatic Readings of Ismat Chughtais Stories by Feryal Ali Gauhar, moderated by Ali Madeeha Hashmi, Balochistan: Tareekh, Siyasat aur Hassaas Mehl e Waqoo moderated by Mujahid Barelvi and Art,Culture and IT by Art now.
Session 2 on Ground Rubber Markets and Capacity will be moderated by Michael Blumenthal, RMA.
Inventory accumulation appears to have moderated recently after surging in the second quarter.
An environmental session, moderated by Bill Robert, BASF, will review current efforts on recycling.

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