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There is much that might be improved in him," said the prince, moderately, "but he has some qualities which--though amid them one cannot but discern a cunning nature--reveal what is often a diverting intellect.
so significant in a woman like Montalais, was interrupted by a moderately loud noise heard by the speakers proceeding from the alcove behind the wainscoting.
I ate and drank moderately and after dinner copied out some passages for the Brothers.
Still there is always a certain number who are dismissed as but moderately eager until the others have refused; and it happened that Fred checked off all his friends but one, on the ground that applying to them would be disagreeable; being implicitly convinced that he at least (whatever might be maintained about mankind generally) had a right to be free from anything disagreeable.
Occasionally she returned to the stream to drink, but each time moderately.
London suits me moderately well," Inspector Jacks declared.
I know all the soldier stuff," he admitted, "know my job, that is to say, all right, and of course I am moderately good at languages, but that finishes me.
If I had any hope of your forgetting her--if I saw you only moderately attracted by one or other of the charming women whom we know here--I should say, let us never speak again or think again of Mrs.
In fact, I was beginning to think I might let you go at your books again, moderately, since you are so well; and this is an excellent way to try your powers.
Let the extremities be moderately warm, and the mind easy--and pray don't omit to provide yourself with a second bottle of the Mixture before you start.
Finding that no interference was attempted with these small liberties, he gradually mounted to greater, and, after helping himself to a moderately good cold collation, was, by this time, deep in the pie.
But on the view of species being only strongly marked and fixed varieties, we might surely expect to find them still often continuing to vary in those parts of their structure which have varied within a moderately recent period, and which have thus come to differ.

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