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Last, Dempster and Westley (2000) provide econometric evidence indicating that moderateness is positively related to the ability of federal legislators to attract PAC money (from all sources) at the margin.
Mired in moderateness, we get carried away with even the possibility of extreme weather.
8), in which the independent variable is (typically) a measure of moderateness (e.
Beyond that, their moderateness was demonstrated after their election when they joined hands with conservative forces to form a united position on a six-point proposal to address the effects of the Asian economic crisis in Hong Kong.
If we add to this a characterization of moderateness or militancy and strength or weakness of the chapels we can say that five centres have reasonably healthy active chapels which are moderate of which only one could be said to be strongish (Edinburgh).
Thus consideration of Scheffler's arguments for the moderateness of morality return us to the conclusion of the discussion of the nonintrusiveness of morality, namely to the rejection of the Kantian-inspired understanding of morality as representing a distinctive standpoint.
Al Qubaisi emphasised Al Azhar's role as a key religious institution that advocates and promotes the values of tolerance, peace, moderateness, respect for women and dialogue among different beliefs.
This is not an angry protest, like the ones in 1990 and 1996 - it inspires respect with its moderateness, something that those in power cannot but take into account," said Parvanov with respect to ongoing rallies against the Oresharski cabinet.
People can reinforce self-concepts of moderateness by rejecting what they perceive to be an extreme comparison (Tourangeau & Rasinski, 1988).
moderateness, he said and noted that the conference sessions touched on
The skeptical style of politics, Oakeshott argues here, while eminently suitable to static conditions of society, is "sluggish" and unprepared when it comes to genuine emergencies; and in its moderateness, it is incapable of evoking love or gratitude from its subjects.