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On the second and last day of the congress, members accentuated the need to develop the thought of moderateness, respect human rights, and create and improve relations with Kurdish and Iraqi parties and groups.
Despite the moderateness of the conservative Eisenhower administration and its general continuation of Cold War liberal policies, Beinart sees the essence of the right in the 1950s as consisting in vulgar McCarthyite anti-communism, crude skepticism about New Deal expansion of the federal government and programs for international economic development, and the coarse demand for moral and ideological clarity in dealing with other nations.
Since the 1970s the anti-bourgeois, anti-Christian Left has taken over the governments of most Western states, while the Right Centre has retreated into moderateness and accommodation.
Last, Dempster and Westley (2000) provide econometric evidence indicating that moderateness is positively related to the ability of federal legislators to attract PAC money (from all sources) at the margin.
Mired in moderateness, we get carried away with even the possibility of extreme weather.
The newspaper stressed the considerable importance of Bahrain for India and likewise India's considerable importance to Bahrain which is nothing new as their bilateral relations have extended over the centuries in the same manner of calm, peaceful and friendly relations as a result of moderateness and equilibrium policies.
This is not an angry protest, like the ones in 1990 and 1996 - it inspires respect with its moderateness, something that those in power cannot but take into account," said Parvanov with respect to ongoing rallies against the Oresharski cabinet.