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Moderates regained control of the board in 2000 but lost it two years later.
Rather than chant "Islam means peace; trust us," we moderates have got to steel our spines, free our minds, and articulate humane interpretations of the Koran if we're going to compete for Islam's soul.
Many moderates were dismayed when the old guard refused to join protests against federal budget cuts that fall disproportionately on the poor in favor of what James Dobson called "pro-family tax cuts.
The implication of this argument is that moderates were more parochial, with limited academic experiences outside of the South, and were unfamiliar with neo-evangelical writings.
Tom] McClintock is favored by the [Republican] party's conservative base, which worries about [Arnold] Schwarzenegger's more moderate social views on issues such as abortion and domestic partnerships.
Although many observers saw the 1994 election as a rejection of liberalism, professors Leonard Williams, Neil Wollman and Abigail Fuller found that moderate Democratic incumbents, not liberal ones, were more likely to lose their bids for reelection.
Still, the very fact that centrist forces, including those with Islamist coloration, respond to repression with yet another moderate political party attempt or the founding of a newspaper with a genuinely independent stance keeps the hope of peaceful and non-coercive alternatives alive.
However, moderates do appear to have a diminished likelihood of thrombotic strokes (i.
But history has given the moderates the opportunity to do even more.
The moderates picked up three seats in the November general election.