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He also appreciated the university for arranging discussions and moots for promotion of moderation and dissemination of the message of Islam.
The situation has been variously attributed to a poor working environment, long working hours, excess pressure on examiners and lack of standardisation and moderation of results.
I feel the need to express a heartfelt call for moderation and dialogue," the pope told pilgrims gathered under blazing sunshine in St Peter's Square.
The following decisions in regard to moderation of marks for upward revision/spiking of marks have been taken unanimously:
The moderation policy, which was scrapped by the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) last month, drew flak
In cluster moderation, involving representatives from several schools, Estyn said most participants bring either work that illustrates "secure or higher-end version of levels".
Constitutionalism, Executive Power, and the Spirit of Moderation
And when we put ourselves at the service of Tripoli, we serve moderation and stability all over Lebanon.
June 7 ( ANI ): How would you feel if we say that the idea of eating in moderation leads to healthy nutrition is an ineffective guide for losing or maintaining weight?
com)-- Smart Moderation levers artificial intelligence (AI) tech to parse social media risks, protecting your & your company's Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Instagram profiles, Instagram Ads, YouTube and Websites using Facebook Comments Plugin.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai stressed Thursday that the Christian presence in Lebanon was a guarantee of the nation's moderation.
Our moderation network originated in response to the School Effectiveness Framework, when a group of special school head teachers attended a meeting with Welsh Government representatives to discuss data and assessment in our schools in an attempt to promote development and consistency across the sector.