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This song of prayerful longing and hope is marked Tempo moderato, and stately chords undergird an unadorned vocal line.
The last movement, Allegro moderato, was shot through with boldly played contrasting themes, with the piano dominating and with memorable playing by the horns, flutes, and Michael Anderson's plangent clarinet doubling the flute.
1 begins robustly, moves into a relatively pensive Moderato, followed by an unaccompanied Cadenza, and concludes as it began with a vigorous Allegro.
THE platform in Hall One of The Sage Gateshead will be packed next Friday for a full-scale performance of Handel's pastoral ode, L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato.
a] Virginia / 7% moderato Camille Saint Saens; violin Edward Elgar: Salut d 'amour 3 [D.
In fact, he discriminates between sermons with or without musicality by marking some of them so-so and some moderato and labeling inferior sermons with the non-musical term:
Lang emerged from the wings in black trousers and a flowing, bright-red Chinese silk shirt, bowed, plunked himself down on the piano stool and began to play the familiarly ominous opening notes of the concerto's first movement, which are marked moderato, as though they were an entirely unrelated series of tones.
Even if you joined the Labour Party to change things in a moderato Callaghanish sort of way you would say, 'Look what went wrong there, it was awful', or you might think there were other things that explained it.
En esta obra (la unica del CD con texto en espanol, el resto esta en latin) destaca, entre otros aspectos, la gran belleza de sus tejidos melodicos con un preponderante peso dramatico que no hacen de la pieza sino volcarse en un ruego de ayuda --por America y por "la Indiana Nacion"--, y dulce canto de devocion a la vez; durante el Allegro moderato final, es facil transportarse a un arrobamiento estetico y espiritual; son correspondencia de significados religiosos las 12 veces del amen, dispuestas en una suerte de dialogo o respuesta entre las voces de la melodia principal y las del coro (?
The ballet was L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, set to Handel's glorious score.
WHAT fun I had the other evening at the English National Opera's production of L'Allegro, il Pensereso ed il Moderato.
Walker's treatment of the journalism-literature dialogue as enacted in literature offers a productive angle on familiar texts (Therese Desqueyroux, L'Etranger, La Nausee, Portrait d'un inconnu, Moderato cantabile among others).