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MODERATOR. A person appointed to preside at a popular meeting; sometimes he is called a chairman.

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No one knows how many people work as content moderators, but the number likely totals "tens of thousands of people, easily," says Sarah Roberts, a professor of information studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, who studies content moderation.
The bug, which was discovered in November 2016, exposed personal details of moderators to suspected terrorist users of the social networking site.
Briarwood; Minister who is able to work with all ages, connect with young families, strong communicator and teacher of the Christian faith; Interim Moderator Rev.
Cruz's allies were thrilled that he called out the moderators, with a number of surrogates telling reporters the senator "took control" of a debate veering into triviality.
Best Green Strategy winners: Michael Suriano of Honeywell International, Brian Brick of Cigna Global Health Benefits, Kojo Ako-Asare of Google and moderator Lee Horwitz of J.
The original Worcester group requires prospective members send a personal note to the moderator with an introduction and why the individual wants to join, while the nationally-affiliated group has a more typical Internet registration process.
New evidence has, however, shown that these moderators, who have to deal with distressing images and messages, can clearly see the names of people who upload the 'offensive' content, the subject of the image or person tagged in a photo and the person who has reported the content.
Vulgarity was the most common violation dealt with by the moderators, with 41 per cent of those surveyed saying they had had to tackle the issue.
MARCH 27, 2007 - Two Baikals with sound moderators and 9mm ammunition found by Merseyside police in an unoccupied flat in Liverpool city centre.
The keynote session, Tuesday, June 27, "A Global Outlook for Plastics Recycling," will feature Mike Biddle of MBA Polymers, Mark Matza of Fortune Plastic & Metal Midwest and Robert Render of Maine Plastics, who will field questions from moderator Brian Taylor, Recycling Today's editor, and session attendees in an interactive roundtable format.
Monday, May 8, afternoon session Walter Waddell, ExxonMobil Chemical, moderator.
Key words: hydrogen moderator; moderator brightness; neutron capture; neutron guide; polarized neutrons; spallation neutron source.