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The competition publicly showcases a new generation of outstanding Modernist architects and houses, promoting new talent and providing motivating honors and incentives in our state.
The Cold War modernists saw their age closing and another one dawning, and they were gravely concerned that not just modernist art but the very ability of audiences to access and process and appreciate such challenging work would disappear.
To be sure, a number of modernist writers are discussed, but it is not clear why they should be seen as representative of this tribe.
Chapter 2 clarifies the object of the study is modernist novels where modernists' revolt against fake chronology and logic is most visible.
This combativeness inhibits a conversation that might be had about how modernist scholars have productively engaged with global modernisms in recent years.
The newly-founded European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernist Studies held its first conference last year in Ghent and that was a very well-attended and truly international affair.
While modernists sought to make their denominations more centralized, they too engaged in transdenominational efforts to pool resources.
The last slot in show week Modernist may be for now, but bet you it ain't for long.
Tom Wolfe summed up the case against modernist architecture in his 1981 book From Bauhaus to Our House, explaining how the European modernists of the early 20h century consciously cast tradition aside, believing they could create not just buildings but aesthetics and cities according to simple rational principles.
What: Self-drive tour of seven modernist homes in Los Angeles designed by architects R.
The result is an essential book for understanding the modernist phenomenon.