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If the best criticism has a flavor of its subject of critique, then what Rasula has produced is outstanding, for this is itself a spikily, riskily modernist work, in its own form.
However, the past few years have proven to be both a blessing and a scourge for modernist architecture in the UAE with ups and downs.
North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) is an award-winning 501C3 nonprofit organization, established in 2007, dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting Modernist residential design across the state.
Maren Tova Linett, a leading scholar of British and Irish Fiction Studies, has included the articles of twelve authors, presenting aspects of Modernist work by women writers.
To simplify Barnhisel's subtle, but not totally convincing argument: Modernist artists, in focusing on their craft rather than on entertaining the middle-brow bourgeoisie, found themselves, not unwillingly, alienated from society.
Nicolay's argument proceeds accordingly, with Tolkien's Christian beliefs trumping "the" modernist's secular or anti-Christian (i.e., Nietzschean [13]) philosophy, which is the ultimately the source of their anguish over the alienated, fragmented, and meaningless wasteland that is the modern world.
Chapter 2 clarifies the object of the study is modernist novels where modernists' revolt against fake chronology and logic is most visible.
The attention paid to the interplay between the modernist and the postmodernist short story is already announced in the title of part two, "The Subject Vanishes: Modernist Contraction, Postmodernist Effacement and the Short Story Genre," with contributions by three international experts on the short story: Tim Armstong, Fred Botting and Paul March-Russell.
Given that Kern teaches at Ohio State University, where the English department is home to some of the most important voices in narrative theory (including James Phelan, Robyn Warhol, and Brian McHale), it is perhaps less surprising that Kern would adopt this sort of approach to modernist fiction (and this speculation is borne out by Kern's mention of many of OSU's English faculty in his acknowledgements).
This rift in allegorical discourse becomes material when the gap cannot be easily closed, and this materiality is what sets modernist literature apart from traditional allegories whose languages are more overtly transparent.
Nevertheless, Center's central claim of similarity among his late modernists is strikingly original in the young field of late modernist studies, and Lite Modernism provides a valuable and welcome contribution to American intellectual history.
The status of Woolf in relation to modernism is largely untroubled in The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Women Writers.