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Some of his paintings are part of the collection of the KBC group, which reflects the modernistic art in Belgium.
To replace them we have to look forward to modernistic art in the form of cabana-style shelters, a vertical pier-come-office block, and a purpose-built office block in the form of the Hub, along with concrete seats, paddle pools and staggered concrete walkways.
Your piece, "Copernicus Grave Anonymous No More" (September issue, page 18) ended with the statement, "A new, modernistic, black granite tombstone .
Further highlighted by diamond sparkle it offers a highly modernistic line of jewels which will surely be much appreciated by fashion conscious women.
She accomplishes this through her explanation of how these three ethnic groups, African, Native, and Jewish American authors, came into their own as modernistic writers.
Turtola Antti told the meeting that Alvar Aalto was a well known modernistic Finnish architect and designer whose work spanned from the late 1930s to 1960s.
Current designer Dennis Gassner, who got his first taste of Bond and Pinewood on "Quantum," adds that the production tried to honor Adam's tradition with a more modernistic and organic approach--using the current Bond, Daniel Craig, as a focal point.
Could it be because Murphy's dynamic creation was not some modernistic and meaningless abstract junk, that this overrode the more crucial fact that the sculpture commemorates the heroic First World War Liverpool doctor and Britain's only double-VC holder?
resume about management mechanism in registration and depositing of money exchange and about electronic exchange system, operation of the two exchanging halls at Benghazi Tripoli cities and the electronically equipments been imported for its electronic mechanization according to modernistic standard specifications been applicable at the international stock markets.
The baggage collection area is adorned with coconut trees, a giant five-storey high wall of jungle creepers and cascading water features called the ''Green Wall'' and a modernistic sculptured sandstone art wall custom-made in Bali.
It's very modernistic, with very clean, simple lines and no fuss.