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It is in these three Presidencies that the impact of modernity was greatest as compared to the rest of India.
Yeidy Rivero is interested in the ways that television and modernity constituted one another.
The defeat and exile of the modernists in 1933 symptomized broad popular resistance to the ambiguities and pluralism, the irreverent experimentation and cosmopolitanism, of modernity itself.
Smits investigates the apparent tensions between modernity and sustainability during energy transitions by studying power sector developments in Southeast Asia on different scales: regional (ASEAN and the Greater Mekong Subregion); national (Thailand and Laos); and local (two villages in Laos, one village and one sub-district in Thailand).
Few monographs examining the modern subject in Spanish literature trace modernity in Spain, especially as it relates to issues of gender, to the eighteenth century.
Susan Stanford Friedman deconstructs and analyzes the idea of modernity as a recurring phenomenon across millennia.
Modernity as a foundational analytic concept has so far received inadequate attention in Southeast Asian Studies.
Late Modernity, Individualization and Socialism: An Associational Critique of Neoliberalism
The colonial modernity paradigm is accused of privileging the archives of colonial authorities, of emphasizing economic over political aspects of colonialism, and of attributing much of the success of post-1945 Korean development to Japanese colonial agency.
Yet Trials of Arab Modernity is not really about al-nahdah itself.
America's Safest City: Delinquency and Modernity in Suburbia
In recent years, scholars have drawn attention to the ways in which the narrative of modernity has distorted historical writing, especially of the places outside of Europe.