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The Land Bank of the Philippines has allocated PHP1.5 billion for LTFRB's PUV modernization program, which will lend money to drivers so that they can buy new jeepney units.
Under pressure by senators and stiff opposition from transport leaders, the state's transport regulator agreed in principle to hold in abeyance the implementation of the March 2019 deadline for jeepney operators and drivers to consolidate themselves and form a corporation or cooperative to be able to participate in the modernization.
'We also have phase three of modernization at Kinganjo and Kitale still ongoing', said Sigei.
Hypothesis: It is expected that modernization will lead to a better adjusted marriage.
The BCDA's remittances in 2014 slightly dipped to P2.207 billion, of which P1.588 billion was for military modernization. In 2013, the BCDA generated P2.389 billion and contributed P1.692 billion to the AFP Modernization Program.
READ: Poe hopeful hearing will resolve jeepney modernization woes
Going forward, Army procurement efforts will encounter increasing competition for resources because the Defense Department is facing a modernization "bow wave" in the early 2020s.
* Quickly enhance your understanding of the global Police Modernization market.
* Gain insight into various defense modernization initiatives around the world.
Because of modernization, the productivity of the West-Siberian oil refining plant will be increased from 5 mln.
After the introduction, chapters two, three, and four discuss the experiences of modernization in Russia and Iran under the Romanov tsars and Pahlavi shahs.
The modernization of the first T unit was launched last year and it is expected to finish next year along with the third unit of the thermal power plant.