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A[cedilla] Modernize 6kV auxiliary power supply system.
The US wants to modernize nuclear bombs stationed in Europe in a way many experts call the equivalent of creating a new weapon.
Thus, the Defense Ministry will be selling a total of six Mi-17s and six Mi-24s, and the money will be used to modernize three Mi-17s, said Gen.
To accomplish these objectives, the Barbados Protocol expands the existing Limitation on Benefits article to ensure that the treaty is used only by bona fide residents of the two countries and to modernize the treaty's anti-treaty shopping provision.
Harp concludes that in the final analysis that "Michelin did not want to 'Americanize' France so much as it wanted to modernize French industry, to promote techniques of production and mass consumerism for the sake of France, and, indirectly, for the sake of Michelin" (p.
While some state regulation supporters, such as the Independent Insurance Agents of America, oppose the creation of a federal regulatory environment, they do suggest an alternative to streamline and modernize the current system.
The Auditing Standards Board has a number of initiatives under way to modernize our audit standards and the guidance we provide to help auditors.
Navigational Aids Studies provide a systematic, incremental set of agreed-upon modifications required to modernize a nation's military navigational systems and landing aids to meet International Civil Aeronautics Organization and NATO standards.
IR-2001-26 announces the IRS's new small-business community Website, another sign of the agency's efforts to modernize and better serve taxpayers.
The state's efforts to modernize the Arabs were exposed as no more than methods of social reproduction which aim at continuing the exploitation of the Palestinian minority for advancement of Zionist goals.
Editors of texts by early modern women writers are often torn between the imperative, influentially articulated by Sara Jayne Steen, to retain original spelling and punctuation so as to preserve the voices of these long-silenced women as faithfully as possible, and a desire to modernize texts so that they can reach more readers, especially students who have difficulty with unmodernized texts.
FORT MILL, SC--Springs Industries is planning to spend $67 million to modernize and expand its towel manufacturing.

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