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This self-consciousness about editorial practice makes their text especially useful for graduate students, and in tandem with Ferguson's facsimile edition provides an ideal way to introduce students at all levels to the constructedness of modernized texts from this period.
The highly successful launch and rapid on-orbit turnover of the first modernized GPS IIR is the result of a team of dedicated, talented individuals focused on delivering the best quality navigation capabilities to the user," said Dave Podlesney, GPS IIR program director, Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Valley Forge, Pa.
Low- and high-resolution JPEG image files of a modernized GPS IIR satellite are available at: http://www.
The modernized series, designated GPS IIR-M, will offer a variety of enhanced features for users of the navigation system, such as:
The modernized text is based on the manuscript in the Archives of the Departement du Nord and includes the manuscript's useful annotations and deletions.
We recently enlarged and modernized our in-house law library, which is staffed by a full-time law librarian and is free to all tenants of the Lincoln Building.
The successful completion of this project milestone is consistent with two major DSS goals Coa "No Wrong Door" business model and a fully modernized child welfare system.
The modernized facilities will allow the operation to better focus its resources on the production of high quality specialty lumber for the Japanese market using hemlock/balsam fir and Douglas fir.
Ensure that our state's aging school facilities are modernized and that the new construction needs of our state's growing population are addressed.
At year-end 1992, when we compared the results of our modernized stores with our non-modernized stores, the new-look Kmart stores had annualized comparative sales gains of 6 percent.
McNamara noted that the Company had embarked upon a new era, stating that "the warm response of the shareholders to the new identity and modernized corporate governance scheme of the Company provides management with the requisite feedback that will reinvigorate us in our focus upon expanding our corporate communications and entertainment businesses on behalf of our shareholders.
May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonnell Douglas has demonstrated enhanced long-range, nap-of-the-earth communications capabilities for the modernized AH-64 Apache that will further reinforce its domination of future battlefields.

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