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In December 2015, Shoigu said that the Russian Aerospace Forces and the navy would receive over 200 modern and modernized aviation hardware units in 2016.
The flexible design of the modernized spacecraft will enable GPS users to experience these benefits after launch and operational turnover of the satellite.
The modernized computers will provide greater processor speed, memory, and other attributes that will position the C-17 for new and enhanced capabilities.
However, the special dilemma of editors of early modern women's texts - which is the desire to preserve original spelling or to present readable modernized editions - has led in many cases to a salutary self-consciousness about editorial practice.
Martin, a paleontologist at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, says the great geographic distance between the Chinese and Spanish fossils indicates that modernized flying ability must have developed and spread across the continents long before the time of these birds.
GE Transportation will work with Locorail and Yakutia Railways to provide expert service training to maintain and overhaul the modernized FDL engines.
All of the single seaters are to be modernized to increase their utility as multi-role aircraft.
CMC's modernized COMSAT-A service provides customers with faster call setup, enhanced reliability, and improved call quality and data throughput compared to older analog systems.
The owners modernized the lobby, upgraded all building systems and improved fiber optic capabilities, re-creating 1700 Broadway as a prime turn-of-the-millennium office location.
Creating such connections can dramatically reduce the costs of initial modernization as well as the overall maintenance costs of modernized applications.
In June three newly modernized CH-47D Chinook heavy-lift helicopters were accepted into service by the Egyptian Air Force (EAF).
Under the contract, CSC will be responsible for sustaining the current legacy wholesale logistics systems until replaced by the modernized processes.

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