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Thus the labels of traditionalist and modernizer, and their derivatives, were typically not employed by participants contemporary to the debates, but are helpful for historians identifying the ideological trends that characterized urban development and politics in Hamilton at the time.
This was a victory for the city's modernizers, and fore-shadowed the more extensive urban renewal efforts that dominated regional politics in the late 1960s and 1970s.
To modernizers focused on the future, the market was incompatible with their vision of city development.
In these debates, modernizers prioritized economic prosperity, technological innovation, and efficiency.
27) While market proponents argued it infused the central city with a lively atmosphere, modernizers who sought to eliminate the market argued it violated a "respect for order, rationality, and wealth.
Modernizers dominated city politics and planning, working to ensure their view of the city's ideal future form and function would be realized.
If modernization is a matter of such accouterments of modern state power as an army, navy, or diplomatic corps, then Li was certainly a modernizer.
Modernizers are willing to grant legal equality to blacks and women because it helps ensure a dynamic business climate.
Both have made major claims, both have sought to marginalize those who disagree with them, and both have shared some of the same hubris as the modernizers who thought they could develop a unified theory of human behavior.
The authors also note that the undertakings of the early modernizers were carried out under pressure and in the face of strong resistance from the Ottoman Muslim population who were psychologically conditioned to resent imitating the West.
In other words, the would-be modernizers acted against the religious establishment, Muslim or non-Muslim, and failed to co-opt much needed support from the Islamic establishment.