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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Modernizing Medicine was founded in 2010 by chief executive officer Daniel Cane and chief medical and strategy officer Dr.
Pending fulfillment of such conditions, Modernizing Medicine currently anticipates closing the transaction in 3Q15.
Modernizing Medicine added that the specialty RCM service combines technology that streamlines claim processing and collections, support services and specialty certified billing managers to deliver RCM expertise to end users who select the service with EMA.
The President of the Republic stressed the importance he grants to enhancing training and upgrading and to modernizing its methods for the benefit of people working in this sector, as well as training in general, in view of ensuring the promotion of innovation and creativity and diversifying Tunisian digital products.
Next to modernizing the state regulatory system, some believe this approach is the path of least resistance.
The Service has already reformed its structure to better meet taxpayer needs; many other improvements--including modernizing technology--are yet to come.
It is adopted for describing the trend of development (from traditional to modern societies); the role of the state as a modernizing agent etc.
GE along with its local partners has a long history of modernizing locomotives as well as building new locomotives in Kazakhstan and the CIS region.
The Boca Raton-based developer of the Electronic Medical Assistant, a specialty-specific electronic medical record system, Modernizing Medicine, has announced Monday that it has raised $38 million in a Series E venture financing.
Renovating and modernizing cafeterias and kitchens.
The project requires the phased relocation of 25,000 Pentagon tenants, removing thousands of tons of hazardous materials, modernizing the utility and IT infrastructure and improving force protection and energy efficiency.
Rather than incur massive debt in the procurement of 3D radar, it was suggested that the countries study the feasibility of modernizing their older surveillance radars to ASOC (i.