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The national weakness--the pursuit of excessive modernness and
I was premature, of course, because most relational database management system implementations have gone a step too far toward modernness, and are not as mature as one would hope.
To assess the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with local stores, we included several items covering three broad categories--general aspects, aspects suggesting modernness or being up to date, and merchandising policies.
In the modernness category were parking, inside and outside store appearances, and the availability of well-known brands and current styles.
Montanans were moderately satisfied, first, with the modernness of their local stores, then with the general aspects, and then with merchandising policies, in that order.
His modernness lies in his repression of those mysteries into a nightmare narrative that simultaneously begs and refuses to be read.
Even the Western medium of photography, an only recently imported technology, flatters the customer with its fashionable modernness.